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In the event your local tropical fish store does not carry California Blackworms, and declines to take advantage of this National Free Sample Program, please e-mail us names and addresses of your local stores you wish to patron, and we will contact them.
In choosing California Blackworms from California Blackworm Co.

you are providing one of the best sources of nutrition possible for your tropical fish. Only live foods offer the proteins your fish need to stay vital, live longer, and enjoy optimum health.

California Blackworm Co. makes ordering live Blackworms simple and easy. 
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Dear Retailer
Your new or current customer has presented you with this request for a free sample of California Blackworms. You may take advantage of this powerful customer building promotion by allowing us to subsidize your participation in this National Free Sample program with our introductory offer below. (sample amount at your discretion)

If you are currently offering California Blackworms, you may still take advantage of our current business building national promotion.