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Blackworm Keepers

  • Stop Rinsing Losses

  • Keeps Worms Fresh

  • Easy To Clean

  • Great for Displaying & Promoting Blackworms

  • Our 6"x6"x3" Worm keeper

  •  Holds up to  6 ounces of Blackworms

   Keeper prices DO NOT include shipping

1-6 ea
$9.95 ea.

    S & H Not Included

12 pack
$8.95 ea.

    S & H Not Included

18 pack
$8.49 ea.

    S & H Not Included

24 pack
$7.95 ea.

    S & H Not Included

Any number of Worm Keepers and Cone Feeders can be shipped with your Blackworms  


Worm Feeders

Worm Cone Feeder LargeBelow prices are for our Clear Feeder Cones

1 to 25
$1.29 ea
26 to 50
$1.19 ea
51 and more
.99 ea

Click here for our Blackworm and Keeper combo prices

Our California Blackworm Co. Worm Keeper was designed for keep Blackworms fresh and easy to use. Each Worm Keeper will hold up to 6 ounces of Blackworms. Simply place your worms in the screened insert tray. Fill the bottom container just enough so that your worms are submerged in 1/4" of water. To rinse, just  pour Chemical Free Chilled Water through your worms and replace the bottom container's water with the same  Chemical Free Chilled Water That's IT !

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Worm Feeders

Your fish will go crazy for
California Blackworms
crawling out of this feeder

***  IMPORTANT  ***

If your searching for Blackworms remember ALL Blackworms come from two farms here in California. No other Farms exist. Order Farm-Direct to save on cost and quality.

Our larger Blue Feeder Cones $1.49each